Mid-Month Spend Fast Super Update Wow

Okay…we’re halfway through the Spend Fast.  Let’s look at some numbers.

May 1 – 31: $753.77*
Okay….so these are some numbers.  Looking at May…here are some factors:
-I eat out way too much.  WAY too much.  Philadelphia is hard.
-I taxi’d way too much. WAY too much.  I now live so far from work that is both cheaper AND faster to just take the train.
-I went on vacation – that number does not include my flights, but includes the balling out I shouldn’t have done. $203.31 of that number is that.  This does not excuse the remaining $550.46.  This is why we spend fast.

June 1 – 15: $242.66*
I did a terrible thing and took advantage of a Victoria’s Secret sale. It was $102 for 3 bras and 5 pairs of panties – got eBates and Swagbucks back and free shipping.  These are things that are pretty necessary as most of mine are falling apart.

I was doing REALLY GOOD at not going out and then my boo came up and we went out – I spent about $70 in a night on dinner and a taxi.  But then we bought groceries and stayed in the rest of the weekend.  It’s a small step!

So what does this say?
I’m not very good at spend fasts.  BUT I am doing better at not eating out – once in 15 days is pretty damn stellar for me….especially when I’m constantly turning down invitations to go out.  IT HURTS SO BAD I MISS HANGING OUT BUT EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE.

What will I do now?
Be really mad at myself for spending so much on dumb shit.  LOL JK that won’t help.  I’m going to continue forth because that’s all we can do.  I’m going to continue to not eat out or drink out for the next 15 days!  Also, Swagbucks is having a Team Challenge – so all the more reason to stay home and knock out some swaggin’ (for free)

Also, come over if you wanna hang!  Let’s do arts n crafts.

*Does not include groceries, medication, or dog expenses.

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