Five Frugal Things

1. I’m doing a BJ’s run in an hour – I will get there at 9am so I won’t be tempted by free samples.  I have a curated list with corresponding coupons and have been realistic about what I do and don’t need.

2. Bundling errands!  I’m hitting BJ’s and Walgreens in the same shopping center and then dropping off a whole carload of stuff to the thrift store.  I will then park my car again and not get in it until I’m leaving for my dad’s on Friday.  Happily using my newly-tuned up bike or public transportation has been working well.

3. My dog was an expensive little bastard this month and I’m thankful I have pet insurance for him!  It’s $34.01 per month and this month I was reimbursed $160 of the $340 I put out for him in vet bills.  I have been reimbursed roughly $550 in vet bills in the last year since I got Wally and it has saved my life considering I did not have a savings account dedicated to dog expenses (something I will probably do next time I get a dog…but I have several years to think about that!)

4. I was a hermit this weekend and spent most of yesterday indoors and hanging out with the dog.  I did ALL OF THE LAUNDRY, cleaned the living room, and generally “unfucked my habitat” and will feel good going into this week with a clean home.

5. Yesterday I was complimented on an outfit I had put together…3 year old shoes, 3 year old shirts, free tank top, and free button down.  Aside from a desperately needed and well-planned underwear re-up, I haven’t spent any money on clothes since February (when I started a new job in a corporate environment and legit didn’t have time between jobs to thrift up professional staples) and have no reason to int he foreseeable future.  I’ve been ogling an ugly pair of Sperry Topsiders but know they aren’t needed so I’m holding off.  Maybe if I earn enough Swagbucks giftcards……..but I doubt it.

Five Frugal Things a la Non-Consumer Advocate

Five Frugal Things

A La Non-Consumer Advocate:

1. I biked to and from the gym and work today – it was actually not that bad in this incredibly hot weather!  There’s just enough wind blowing in my face.  Grateful for the bike I have even though it is not the bike I want.

2. Swagbucks is having a Team Challenge so I’m spending my night in working on that – earning giftcards and playing a game at the same time!

3. My roommate went food shopping and with what we have on hand I’m excited to cook some stuff!  I made mexican chicken yesterday and will figure out another meal to get us through the week.

4. Planning a BJ’s trip with my roommate where we will get the staples we go through so quickly and split the costs – and we’ll be bundling car errands by taking a bunch of bags to the thrift store on the way!

5. I’m grateful to be sitting in a room with an A/C unit with my dog watching rabbit ears and earning giftcards instead of having to do anything real or expend stupid amounts of energy!

Getting Myself Back on Track

Soooooo I went a bit cray cray at the end of June and early July.  My spend fast got fucked.  I made poor (fun, delicious) decisions.  Time to get my shit back on track because I have had a few expenses pop up and it’s time to uhhhhh stop going to my new favorite bar.


1. Gym Membership
I spent $500 on a year gym membership – i justify it because I NEED TO REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.  I have a few friends that also committed a year and it helps that my roommate is a spin instructor there twice a week so I can count on accountability at least twice a week.  I have gone twice a week since I joined so it has already paid for itself this month!  I also save my roomie money by showering there twice a week ;)

2. My Dog “The Locksmith”
He has been to the vet twice and had to be treated for fleas all in the month of July.  It’s racked up about $350 in bills and supplies.  PRAYING THAT PET INSURANCE I PAY FOR COVERS SOMETHING.

I joined to look at ALL of my spending in a way that neither of my banks can seem to do.  I also wrote down all of my dog expenses for the last year so I can see the best prices for my puppystaples.

I didn’t go out at all last week!  I’ll be going to Quizzo on Thursday but that’s it.


1. I acknowledge that I have been a bit out of control with my spending for the last 2 weeks and need to cease and desist.  I looked at how much I racked up and am shamed but will not continue to purchase things for comfort.  I need to stop going to the amazing bar I found near my home and drinking so much beer!

2. To stop my stupid habit of eating out – I biked up to Acme and spent $48 on some pantry staples and MEATS ON SALE!  Got a Purdue oven stuffed roaster for 79 cents per pound and it’s happily hanging out in the freezer until I get through the bacon and pork I also bought – pulled pork tomorrow!!!

3. Usually I write my “current debt” in my dayplanner but don’t break down my student loans – this week I actually put the breakdown of each loan so I can really see what I could be saving when I don’t eat out and ball out on mango wheat beers.

4. About to make a pot of coffee for ice coffee for tomorrow after spin class and my 3pm slump backup – cheaper than Starbucks!!

5. My friend just turned me on to ibotta so we’re going to be in a team to earn some rebates on our stuff!