1. I acknowledge that I have been a bit out of control with my spending for the last 2 weeks and need to cease and desist.  I looked at how much I racked up and am shamed but will not continue to purchase things for comfort.  I need to stop going to the amazing bar I found near my home and drinking so much beer!

2. To stop my stupid habit of eating out – I biked up to Acme and spent $48 on some pantry staples and MEATS ON SALE!  Got a Purdue oven stuffed roaster for 79 cents per pound and it’s happily hanging out in the freezer until I get through the bacon and pork I also bought – pulled pork tomorrow!!!

3. Usually I write my “current debt” in my dayplanner but don’t break down my student loans – this week I actually put the breakdown of each loan so I can really see what I could be saving when I don’t eat out and ball out on mango wheat beers.

4. About to make a pot of coffee for ice coffee for tomorrow after spin class and my 3pm slump backup – cheaper than Starbucks!!

5. My friend just turned me on to ibotta so we’re going to be in a team to earn some rebates on our stuff!

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