Getting Myself Back on Track

Soooooo I went a bit cray cray at the end of June and early July.  My spend fast got fucked.  I made poor (fun, delicious) decisions.  Time to get my shit back on track because I have had a few expenses pop up and it’s time to uhhhhh stop going to my new favorite bar.


1. Gym Membership
I spent $500 on a year gym membership – i justify it because I NEED TO REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.  I have a few friends that also committed a year and it helps that my roommate is a spin instructor there twice a week so I can count on accountability at least twice a week.  I have gone twice a week since I joined so it has already paid for itself this month!  I also save my roomie money by showering there twice a week ;)

2. My Dog “The Locksmith”
He has been to the vet twice and had to be treated for fleas all in the month of July.  It’s racked up about $350 in bills and supplies.  PRAYING THAT PET INSURANCE I PAY FOR COVERS SOMETHING.

I joined to look at ALL of my spending in a way that neither of my banks can seem to do.  I also wrote down all of my dog expenses for the last year so I can see the best prices for my puppystaples.

I didn’t go out at all last week!  I’ll be going to Quizzo on Thursday but that’s it.

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