Five Frugal Things

A La Non-Consumer Advocate:

1. I biked to and from the gym and work today – it was actually not that bad in this incredibly hot weather!  There’s just enough wind blowing in my face.  Grateful for the bike I have even though it is not the bike I want.

2. Swagbucks is having a Team Challenge so I’m spending my night in working on that – earning giftcards and playing a game at the same time!

3. My roommate went food shopping and with what we have on hand I’m excited to cook some stuff!  I made mexican chicken yesterday and will figure out another meal to get us through the week.

4. Planning a BJ’s trip with my roommate where we will get the staples we go through so quickly and split the costs – and we’ll be bundling car errands by taking a bunch of bags to the thrift store on the way!

5. I’m grateful to be sitting in a room with an A/C unit with my dog watching rabbit ears and earning giftcards instead of having to do anything real or expend stupid amounts of energy!

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