I had a wedding on Saturday and another one next Friday-Monday…in Vegas.

  1. For the wedding on the 15th – our hotel was overbooked so they gave us a room at another hotel FOR FREE.  That really saved my budget for this next wedding.
  2. i found really awesome petsitters for a fraction of what kennels charge
  3. I went to Acme and used ibotta to earn some of my change back on produce and canned tomatoes.
  4. I have fried rice for tomorrow and am going to make a mexican chicken crockpot to last the next few days.
  5. A sidegig that I let go of awhile ago reached out to me to ask if I could work this week…yes, yes I can.

Five Frugal Things: New Week Edition

  1. I’m determined to cook good meals without going shopping this week!  My roommate and I both went shopping last week and my freezer is full of veggies and chicken sooooo there’s no reason I should have to hit the grocery store this week!
  2. I cancelled my plans this weekend to stay in and conserve money for the next 2 weekends of weddings.
  3. Committed to going to the gym every morning except Tuesday this week – making sure that gym membership pays for itself!
  4. Thinking more and more of selling my car and just signing up for ZipCar.  My car sits most of the time and only gets used maybe 2 weekends a month to drive to Delaware or Maryland.  Though it’s only worth $4,000 (probably closer to $3,500 with all the wear and tear) so I could just run it into the ground and then join zipcar!
  5. I haven’t spent money on a vacation in a few months because I don’t get one until October!

Five Frugal Things

1. Obtained many free meats this weekend and will be having burgers tonight and cooking plenty of chicken tomorrow.  I also did an inventory of what we had and will be making spaghetti tomorrow with what’s in the fridge.  I also saved a half loaf of bread from molding by throwing it in the freezer!

2. New month and a lot of costly obstacles at the end of it.  I’m committing to staying in as much as possible for the next few weeks – which will also help me train my dog!

3. My dad had a giant jar of pennies that he and my mom had saved up for penny ante games back in the day…so he gave it to me so I could deposit it all.  I ran out of penny wrappers at $15

4. I’m spending my Sunday afternoon running Swagbucks stuff in between checking on all of my accounts on and figuring out how much to pay on everything this month.

5. Much like Katy Wolk–Stanley over the Non consumer Advocate – I didn’t buy a lear jet.