I had a wedding on Saturday and another one next Friday-Monday…in Vegas.

  1. For the wedding on the 15th – our hotel was overbooked so they gave us a room at another hotel FOR FREE.  That really saved my budget for this next wedding.
  2. i found really awesome petsitters for a fraction of what kennels charge
  3. I went to Acme and used ibotta to earn some of my change back on produce and canned tomatoes.
  4. I have fried rice for tomorrow and am going to make a mexican chicken crockpot to last the next few days.
  5. A sidegig that I let go of awhile ago reached out to me to ask if I could work this week…yes, yes I can.


  1. hi – found your blog through non-consumer advocate and I like the way you write, very down to earth. I appreciate these saving money blogs, and read them every day for inspiration to stay on track in my journey to become more frugal. It really helps me to know other people are into this, plus I enjoy the tips! Keep up the good work!


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