Five Frugal Things Friday Edition

  1. I was not that great this week – I bought a top and a bag (a bag that I justified by needing a way to get my laptop and a bunch of paperwork home….a way I can obtain more overtime this weekend)
  2. I ate crockpot chicken most of the week.  I did get a $13 express lunch once this week because I was too frazzled in the morning and forgot my lunch.  I made up for it by not going out for lunch or eating out after work today which is usually my downfall!
  3. Instead of going out most of the week I have been staying in and training my dog reinforcing the lesson we did a month ago and looking forward to booking the 5 I paid for upfront for a discount in the future.  I want to be able to trust my dog in my dad’s backyard to always come back to me and I’m confident in a handful of classes my dog is smart enough and I am diligent enough tohandle this business.
  4. I’m drunk and really wanted mozzy sticks but ate hummus and pita chips instead because they are here.
  5. Im going to spend a quiet weekend with my boyfriend and get some overimte

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