Almost 2016 – Big Things!!

Well I’ve been a bit MIA for the past month…..because I just bought and moved into a house.  All of my months of spend fasts and staying in finally paid off and I am now typing from my very own home.  In Philadelphia, the rent has skyrocketed in the last year and for the responsible individual it is actually cheaper to just get a mortgage than to try to rent.

I haven’t had internet for most of the month so I feel very behind on a lot of my earning sites….but I was able to unpack most of my important things so it’s a trade off!  All that’s left to unpack are books and art work.  I should probably get some furniture soon.  I need a couch which I plan to buy new and I need a table and chairs…but that I plan to obtain the free way.  Right now I have a card table and a few different chairs so I’m making do.  I’ve also fashioned a pillow/blanket fort in my living room in front of the TV.

My giftcard earnings have switched from Amazon and Starbucks to Pier1 and Lowes.  Who am I?  Is this what 29 looks like?  I’m hoarding up gift cards so I can go on a big awesome shopping spree in February.  I took some vacation days in February and I want to go to Delaware to ball out for my home.  By then I bet I can earn another $100 or so – especially if I’m a hermit through January.


Spend fast, anyone?

Frugal as Fuck: 12/6

  1. Today I went to the save a lot and got 4 cans of what I need to make a crockpot of mexican chicken tomorrow – that’s all I got!
  2. I’m starting to get all those lovely birthday coupons!!!!  I can’t wait to sort them all out.
  3. Just listed two high-price items on ebay – trying to get things sold before I move and it’s prime time for christmas shopping!
  4. Use Shopkick and ReceiptHog today to try earning rewards – going for a Starbucks giftcard from these to feed my habit in the new year!
  5. I’m excited to spend most of this week quiet indoors so I can earn on Swagbucks and not spend money!  I may invite some friends over from mexican chicken crockpot and crafting :)