Five Frugal Things SNOW EDITION

  1. I got all of my final items to be snowed in today – had a 20% off + $1 off coupon for CVS, hit the liquor store, picked up dry cleaning, etc!
  2. I am going to strive to take advantage of the local library 3 blocks away from me this year – I started by borrowing Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin
  3. I’m going to spend most of tomorrow cooking, cleaning, and doing handwash in the house.  If house work on a Saturday seems impossible I have plenty of arts and crafts here that can occupy my time.  Also my dog.
  4. I couldn’t find sidewalk salt…but luckily my neighbor did and needed someone to shovel!  I love tradesies.
  5. I made some amazing cookies out of random pantry items:
    2c quick oats
    1c flour
    1tsp baking power
    1/2c white sugar
    1/2c brown sugar
    1c butter
    1/2 smashed banana
    1-2tbsp peanut butter
    some type of chocolate (I used the crumbs from a chocolate covered pretzel bag)
    I also threw some walnuts in there

Today’s Frugal 5:

  1. For $5.70 total (mostly tip) I got a free large pineapple pizza delivered to my house.  I have food for dinner tonight and tomorrow.
  2. Prepping the crockpot for mexican chicken so I can eat nachos through the weekend…or mexican pizza!  I have enough back up food to not be concerned about the coming winter storm!  Winter is coming…
  3. I have plenty of arts and crafts to work on through the storm this weekend and am happy to use up the cable I pay for.  I know cable is the first thing all blogs say to cut….but with the amount of time I spend at home I feel that I am justified in my negotiated rates.
  4. Had to take Wally to the vet today expecting to throw a boatload down…turns out all they did was one shot so it was a $25 visit – when you keep up on health it turns out to be less expensive!
  5. I’m going to spend this weekend doing some handwash to get me through to wherever I end up next weekend.  So far I’ve saved up $50 in Lowes giftcards to pay for the appliances I will eventually have to get.  Thanks Swagbucks, Perk, and Shopkick!


  1. My boo and I had a pizza date at home this weekend – we went and spent about $30 on fixins and $1.75 on pizza dough at the bakery at the end of my block.  We snacked and made roasted garlic and pizzas together!  I have PLENTY of leftovers to make another pizza or two to get me through the end of the week.
  2. It’s A DAY OFF!!!  I’m at home with my dog watch TV and working on some really old craft projects I should really complete.  If I’m home I’m not spending money!
  3. I’m earning giftcards on Swagbucks, Perk, and InboxDollars while watching TV and crafting.  I want to buy a new fridge, washer, and dryer so I’ve been earning Lowes giftcards and I’m up to $50!
  4. Speaking of not having a washer or dryer….today I’ll do a load of handwash in my clean tub to tide me through next weekend!  I plan to get these things by the spring but it has been quite the game working around not having a washer and dryer at home.  At least I’m saving on my expenses!
  5. I’ve saved over $100 using Digit this year – I plan to use it to put a huge chunk down on this student loan this year!

Today’s 5 Frugal Things!

  1. I got a grande beverage at Starbucks using gift cards I have earned.  I know it’s a small step and I shame myself constantly for not being able to drop the habit.
  2. I have spent a LOT of money on groceries this month in hopes I can get them to last me for at least the next two months (and quarterly for some of it) as I basically came here with one box of spices and a can of beans I needed to reup my pantry staples.  I used iBotta, Shopkick, and coupons for a BJs run.  Almost $300 later I have plenty of my personal pantry staples to get me through the winter.  The most important things to note are all the beans and 4lbs of bacon.
  3. My coworker knows my love of coupons and shares in a bit of my frugalness.  She brought me two free pizza coupons!  I’m going to take her some coupons I’ve pulled out of the circulars for the last two weeks.
  4. It’s a little chilly in my home….so I have added layers.  The temperature is just enough to make sure nothing freezes and not make me miserable.  Wally and i just snuggle about it and he doesn’t seem uncomfortable.
  5. My dogwalker and I have been doing food swaps to save ourselves from meal fatigue (both two ladies living alone and just can’t seem to get portions for one down) so I left her with a bag of pork and apples from my crockpot and she left me a bag of fresh hummus and even left me a little something she knew I could use….160114-180953…a garlic roaster!  To go with the BJ’s-sized bag of garlic I purchased.