Today’s 5 Frugal Things!

  1. I got a grande beverage at Starbucks using gift cards I have earned.  I know it’s a small step and I shame myself constantly for not being able to drop the habit.
  2. I have spent a LOT of money on groceries this month in hopes I can get them to last me for at least the next two months (and quarterly for some of it) as I basically came here with one box of spices and a can of beans I needed to reup my pantry staples.  I used iBotta, Shopkick, and coupons for a BJs run.  Almost $300 later I have plenty of my personal pantry staples to get me through the winter.  The most important things to note are all the beans and 4lbs of bacon.
  3. My coworker knows my love of coupons and shares in a bit of my frugalness.  She brought me two free pizza coupons!  I’m going to take her some coupons I’ve pulled out of the circulars for the last two weeks.
  4. It’s a little chilly in my home….so I have added layers.  The temperature is just enough to make sure nothing freezes and not make me miserable.  Wally and i just snuggle about it and he doesn’t seem uncomfortable.
  5. My dogwalker and I have been doing food swaps to save ourselves from meal fatigue (both two ladies living alone and just can’t seem to get portions for one down) so I left her with a bag of pork and apples from my crockpot and she left me a bag of fresh hummus and even left me a little something she knew I could use….160114-180953…a garlic roaster!  To go with the BJ’s-sized bag of garlic I purchased.

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