Today’s Frugal 5:

  1. For $5.70 total (mostly tip) I got a free large pineapple pizza delivered to my house.  I have food for dinner tonight and tomorrow.
  2. Prepping the crockpot for mexican chicken so I can eat nachos through the weekend…or mexican pizza!  I have enough back up food to not be concerned about the coming winter storm!  Winter is coming…
  3. I have plenty of arts and crafts to work on through the storm this weekend and am happy to use up the cable I pay for.  I know cable is the first thing all blogs say to cut….but with the amount of time I spend at home I feel that I am justified in my negotiated rates.
  4. Had to take Wally to the vet today expecting to throw a boatload down…turns out all they did was one shot so it was a $25 visit – when you keep up on health it turns out to be less expensive!
  5. I’m going to spend this weekend doing some handwash to get me through to wherever I end up next weekend.  So far I’ve saved up $50 in Lowes giftcards to pay for the appliances I will eventually have to get.  Thanks Swagbucks, Perk, and Shopkick!

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