Day 1 of Half-Month Spend Fast

I seem to always unravel mid-month so I plan to go really strong for these first 2 weeks and will not spend money (does not include bills/utilities) until Wednesday, February 17 when I am having dinner with friends and kicking off a vacation.

So here are 5 Frugal Things today:

  1. Today someone gave me two free tickets to see Funnyman at the Arden at the dn of the month – so pumped!  I love live theatre but it is so expensive these days.
  2. My dogwalker and I exchange meals mid-week to fight leftover fatigue.  Last week she threw a bag of chili in my freezer and I took it to work for lunch today…well it thawed to what seemed like 3 times the amount so I think it will tide me over for 2-3 more lunches!  SCORE!  I’ll be thanking her with baked potato soup that will be going in the crockpot tomorrow
  3. I wrapped up a $15 Swagbucks Amazon giftcard yesterday so I started from almost 0 today – would really like to at least hit my basic goals every day but it entirely depends on whats going on.
  4. I have a free Starbucks drink on my app and I’m going to see how long before I use it – I made a large jar today and have some leftover iced coffee for tomorrow!
  5. Currently my favorite bottle of wine cost $10.  I don’t need that fancy shit.

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