Day 3 – 5 Frugal Things

  1. So far today I have found 12 cents on the ground and there’s still one more walk to be had!  Walking for most of my urban commute and walking my dog at least 3 times a day gives me a lot of time watching the ground in front of me and I have a burger bank filling with found money.  I found a $10 bill a few weeks ago!!
  2. My boss went out to Chinese and understands my love of food AND free stuff and brought me back leftovers.  It was some really flat noodle and noodles that had the consistency of worms but was flavorful!  I have’t bought lunch at work all week because I’m swapping meals with my dogwalker and she gifted me with a particularly hefty ziploc bag of turkey chilli.
  3. I am a Starbucks nut – I haven’t had Starbucks once this week (yet) even though I have a free one on my app!  I’ve been making my own coffee and either bringing it in or just trying REALLY HARD to drink less.
  4. I was supposed to do a sidegig today but it was rainy and gross and my dog comes along so I was able to move it to tomorrow – I’ll work while my dog plays with his dog then come home and try to find parking.  I don’t mind the work I just hate the hassle of the ONLY downfall of my neighborhood….parking is a bitch.
  5. Swagbucks appears to be down for maintenance….so I’m running Perk instead.  Always have a backup.

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