Five Frugal Things: The Recovery Edition

I did really well for the first two weeks of February but then kind of went ape shit leading up to and over my vacation.  I did a lot of spending….probably more spending in one day than  I do in 6 months’ worth usually.  I do this around this time every year – I use up my birthday and christmas gift cards and pretend to ball out.

Here is how I spent about $500 in 5 days.

  • This year my only giftcard was a $100 Pier 1 Imports card – I ended up using it all and owing Pier1 exactly $1. 04.  That one was okay.
  • $57 on booze – I got a nice bottle of gin and some beer and some wine and this will last me a month or so – definitely cheaper than the bar!
  • $41 at Michael’s for home goods – I have been very careful about finding great furniture pieces for free but have been missing out on homegoods – everything I got was on sale and plentiful
  • $114 at Nordstrom Rack – bath salts, good bubble bath, 2 nice tops, and 2 moscow mule mugs to complete my collection of them
  • $60 between 3 different thrift stores
  • $188 on an extravagant and wonderful birthday dinner
  • $13 seeing Star Wars
  • $20 miscellaneous snacks/drinks

I had a REALLY FUN TIME shopping – I miss the days of living at home and working in a mall when I could just shop and see all the cool clothes and everything.  I bought some new pieces to incorporate into my corporate wardrobe.  I carefully picked some beautiful decor pieces for my new home,  I took the time I desperately needed to care about my wants and needs and not worry about anyone else while also getting some time to enjoy some time doing girl stuff with a friend I rarely get to do girlstuff with.  I feel a bit renewed and was excited to go into work today!

So how am I getting over my buyers’ remorse?  Can it really be that if I really do love everything I brought home and don’t want to return any of it?  Here are 5 Frugal Things to recover from my sadness at the loss of the money:

  1. I made a HUGE chicken pot pie and have been eating that since Sunday – I have 2 portions left that will get me through tomorrow.  My dogwalker took one portion and left me some broccoli rabe so I have something to work with for meals through the end of the week.
  2. I listed a bunch of stuff on ebay and all of those will end on Saturday.  Miraculously my last Amazon listing sold on Sunday so that went in the mail yesterday and a whopping $2.71 will be deposited.  Enough to cover a trip to Dunkin Donuts and Chipotle (free burrito coupon – got a soda) from the weekend.
  3. Hanging out at home with my dog instead of out right now – and plan to do the same thing tomorrow and Friday – Thursday I have free tickets to a show and will use my bus pass to get to and from!
  4. I’m determined not to crack any of my new booze bottles until the weekend when I take one to my boyfriend’s – we usually just hang out at home with the dog and watch TV while he cooks something fabulous and I’m totally OK with that.
  5. I’m looking around my living room at the awesome mix of things I’ve carefully picked from stores and excitedly plucked off the curb – there’s a reason I really only shop once a year…because I am resourceful and don’t want for much most of the time.  And even though it was a LOT of shopping – I do not need to carry a credit card balance. :)

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