Eye On The Prize + Sunday Funday

Ohhhh a new month and one step closer to a goal I put for the year!

By the end of April I may be ready to pay off my smallest student loan of $4,405
How am I going to accomplish this?
1. Dry April
I am not drinking alcohol for the entire month of April!  In the last 6 months I’ve spent about $439 on “Alcohol & Bars” according to mint.com – this does NOT include when I have one or two at a restaurant because that counts as “restaurants”($346 in the last 6 months so probably $100 or so of that for the alcohol parts) Not only will I save about $89 on the alcohol alone but I am less likely to go out to dinner this month and I always tend to eat more out and more groceries when drinking.  It will also be good for my health!

2. Jamie, It’s Time to eBay Your Shit Again
I always say I want to do this pretty much every week….so I’m going to say I have to list my random box of shit to ebay by the end of this month.  It really only takes me about an hour to photograph, research, and list an item – yet I am lazy.  I made $66 last time I listed some random items on eBay so it’s definitely worth the time.  They make it so easy to buy shipping and I use recycled shipping supplies for no cost.

3. Automation, Bitches.
$100 automatically sweeps to my savings every paycheck and Digit has been automatically transferring small amounts to a savings account for emergency/travel savings.

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