Five Frugal Things: Saturday Morning Edition

  1. I found 3cents while walking my dog this morning!  I’m always finding change, cash, and homegoods on the curb when walking my dog.
  2. I had to hit the laundromat this morning – I was able to use the smaller washers so I didn’t have to put more cash on the laundry card! They use a card system and if you put $20 in you get a bonus $3 so every time I feel that I have to pop a twenty on – not today!  I was able to hang a lot of my items instead of putting them in the dryer and was able to dry everything in 42 minutes over 4 dryers (you get x amount of free minutes in the dryers depending on what size washer you use) I haven’t purchased a new washer and dryer yet for my new home but have only had to spend $40 this year at the laundromat by using other people’s facilities (thank you dad and boyfriend <3 ) but by getting more than one wear out of work clothes by hanging them back up as soon as I get home with a little febreeze – I can also hang them up in the bathroom when I shower to steam them out.  I ALSO FOUND ANOTHER PENNY IN THERE!
  3. I also stopped at the ThriftWay on the way home (bundling errands) and spent $36 on some non-chicken meats, some sauces, and a few items for baking.  My weekend plans fell through so I’m going to spend my time indoors making some food for the week.  I haven’t made spaghetti in forever!
  4. I just spent 10 minutes signing up for a bunch of free samples!  It’s like getting random gifts in the mail that i forgot about by the time they arrive.
  5. Since I’m staying in I will be spending the weekend cleaning, swagbucksing, inboxdollaring, and sleeping.  Frugal as fuck.

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