#tfw you have enough money in your savings account to pay off your smallest student loan today…

…and your foot goes NUTS and suddenly hurts so bad that you have to make an immediate doctor’s appointment for the next day $50 minimum copay + $110 if I need to see a specialist – between $8-$81 per prescription that may be needed (based on past prescription history)

…there is a leak in my first floor ceiling that looks like it could a window? Or not?  WTF is going on here?  And I’m so worried it will cost more than what’s in my bank account right now.  So far I’ve only had to put $200 into the place so I knew that something would come up.  I just now have to….handle it.

One thought on “#tfw

  1. Sorry to hear that you had two problems hit you at once, it’s good that you did have some money in the bank to cover the doctor’s visit. Hopefully the leak isn’t something too bad or expensive.

    Hopefully it’s just a minor setback and you’ll be able to rebuild the emergency fund and pay off that loan ASAP.


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