Five Frugal Things – Weekend Edition

  1. I went to visit my boyfriend for the night in Baltimore – topped off my tank in Delaware using my Plenti card at an Exxon.  We didn’t spend beyond groceries – took our dogs to see his niece and had a dinner at home while watching Cops and Kimmy Schmidt (which has kept me in most of the weekend) and he let me bring my laundry to do at his place in my ongoing postponement of buying a washer and dryer.
  2. I had my first Aldi experience today – I had only been once before for a very quick snack grab.  Today….today I shopped.  I spent $63 and got a LOT of staples and produce.  Tomorrow I’m going to make a smoothie for breakfast and make a salad for lunch!
  3. Giving myself a “spa treatment” at home tonight with coconut oil and a complimentary shower cap from a past hotel stay.
  4. Spending a little time reorganizing and updating my accounts – keeps me mindful.
  5. I have a nice pile of things I can let go of and put on ebay….so why am I so lazy about something as simple as taking pictures???

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