5 Frugal Things (A La Non-Consumer Advocate)

  1. Got free lunch at work at work and due to over-ordering I have free dinner now!
  2. Enjoying a free kalanchoe plant from work as a new dining room centerpiece – perfect because it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight and is bright and wonderful.
  3. Spending a quiet Friday night in with my dog – cleaning my home in preparation of my dad coming over tomorrow!  He’s going to help do some manual dad-labor around like installing hookups for a washer and dryer and making sure my refrigerator installation goes swimmingly.So thankful he’s here to help with this crazy journey of homeownership!
  4. Running Swagbucks on my mobile while cleaning the house and running some videos on the laptop.
  5. I’ve been getting creative with poo bags for my dog – I’ve been taking plastic sleeves of newspapers, fruit bags from my grocery store purchases, and other random bags to hold off on my buying poo bag rolls.

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