Sunday’s Five Frugals -End of Month Edition

  1. Well…I spent money this weekend and I’m not gonna beat myself up about it too hard.  I bought a pair of nude pumps for work and a pair of black sandals to replace my 7 year old pair that will now be a health hazard.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts to buffer my small summer wardrobe from Target and 2 pairs of Spanx tights from TJ Maxx ($8 vs $29?  DONE) I know that spending isn’t really part of my constant worry about money but only the 2 pairs of shorts were full-price at $16 a pop.
  2. I invested on things for my home this weekend as well…80% of my furniture and decor are hand-me-downs or free.  I bought a metal orb from HomeGoods – something I’ve been eyeing for the past few months and at one point almost paid $60 for at a show….I got it for $20 and it’s in my favorite color.  I had some Lowe’s giftcards through Swagbucks so I bought an air filter for the A/C and a few potted herbs and potters…this one’s an investment since I’m growing herbs to eat now, right??
  3. Making green curry tonight – all I had to pick up was a small bag of shrimp for $8 and everything else is from the pantry….I won’t be doing anymore grocery shopping this week!  I took teriyaki chicken I prepped out of the freezer and can throw that in the corckpot tomorrow.  Also going to make a big batch of brown rice to go with both curry and teriyaki.
  4. Been cleaning out my craft supplies and founds some stuff I can sell on Craigslist and finished my first crochet scarf!!!  I’m going to continue to just use the red lion yarn and will collect scraps of it and make a blanket.  Anyone have any extra red lion yarn laying around?  I’ll take that off your hands!  I also identified a few things that will make good gifts to people.
  5. Studying for my health and life insurance license….it’s boring but it’s keeping me indoors a lot.  Studying is free!  UGH!

Five Frugal Things Sunday Edition

  1. I finally got out of Aldi under $50!! I spent $38 on various things to get me through the end of the month.  I am spending a over $50/week on groceries and I have to figure out how to lower that in June.  I’ve got a few things in the freezer but I’m at the point that each cooking meal only lasts about 2-3 days and by mid-week I’m exhausted.  Gotta utilize the freezer better for meals to get me through the end of the weeks.
  2. Spent yesterday and today on Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Perk.  I made a little over $2 on Swag and am not really sure about the rest.  It’s not much but it’s not spending and it’s keeping me occupied!
  3. Friend is coming over for Game of Thrones tonight – perfect time to see my friends and justify a cable bill.
  4. I hand-washed a few items in my sink yesterday to get me through the week and save $20 at the laundromat.  I’ll be able to do a few loads at my boyfriend’s next weekend.
  5. Took some time to clean out my closets and was able to throw a few more items in the donation bin.  GET RID O DAT CLUTTER!

Spending Fast: Day 1

So I’m doing another fast!!  I’ve been spending badly on food this month and a few other luxury (to me) items and I need to reel it in.  I’m getting so close to paying off that first loan and it’s killing me seeing it sit there yet another month.  I made a last big grocery shop yesterday and bought produce that should last me 16 days.

Here’s 5 Frugal Things Today:

  1. I gave myself an at-home spa day today.  I made a body scrub of coffee grounds, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and honey.  I soaked in the tub with the scrub and then cleaned the whole bathroom afterwards.
  2. Doing Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and PerkTV all day has saved up some pennies!
  3. I rolled all of my change and had an extra $17.50 thanks to spending with cash and always dumping change into my burger bank.  I also pick up change all the time on the ground!
  4. I know cable is the first thing that everyone cuts – but I like it and won’t give it up! I have a friend coming over tonight to watch Game of Thrones (free HBO trial) and eat pork nachos that I will make.  I can invite friends over to watch things on weeknights and my boyfriend and I really love watching Cops on Saturday nights.  It keeps me from going out and spending at bars when I can invite people over.
  5. Sitting at home working on my insurance license studying – something that will keep me in forthe next few weekends

As I Prepare to Spend Fast

Sooooo it’s kind of sad how a few poorly-placed luxuries make me feel like I have toppled out of control on spending.  I practiced some bougie “self care” this month with an expensive haircut, wax, and fancy cocktails over lavish dinners.  It has not been so bad that I cannot pay my credit card weekly but it’s enough that I don’t have anything extra to throw at student loans with this paycheck.  I also have to replenish my emergency fund from when i had some rough medical expenses last month.

So I’m going to do a spend fast for the last half of the month.  All of my bills are automatic so those will go out and I will just not have any cards or cash in my wallet.  Today I went and spent $48 at Aldi and have pulled pork stewing in the crockpot…enough to eat now and throw some in the freezer towards the end of the month.

I have cable.  I have an insurance license to study for.  I have a 2/3 full bottle of bourbon.  I can do this!

5 Frugal Things

  1. When my fridge was delivered they forgot my free ice maker – I went to Lowe’s today and picked that up and paid off the Lowes credit card in full.  I wanted to buy other things but walked in and out without spending a penny!
  2. I had coffee with a free starbucks giftcard through Shopkick and free lunch from leftovers from a work lunch last week!
  3. My first copy of Good Housekeeping came today!  I got this and a few other subscriptions free thanks to using Recyclebank.  DIY home ideas – here we come!  And more collage material!!
  4. I have meal prepped for tomorrow – just gotta grind a smoothie and then will have teriyaki chicken thighs to cook tomorrow – even threw half of it in the freezer for another week when I’ll need the meals!
  5. Didn’t buy a lear jet.  Thanks, Katy Wolk-Stanley

Homeowner Fails & Goals

Well I got my new fridge delivered this weekend -it’s beautiful!

It doesn’t fit in it’s cubby.  So my dad needs to come back and help me saw a particle board piece from the cabinets off so the fridge will fit.  For now my fridge is just sitting outside of  it’s cubby and taking over most of the kitchen.  PROCESS

In moving the fridge I noticed that the particleboard cabinets are actually rotting anyway in some spots and will need to be replaced.  I also REALLY MISS HAVING A DISHWASHER and am confident it would save more on my water bills in the long run.  So…I am going to save for a kitchen remodel.  It’s a small kichen and I’m happy with the layout, ceiling/light fixture, and floors.  All of the cabinets and countertops need to be replaced and it needs a new coat of paint and I would like to put in a backsplash.