As I Prepare to Spend Fast

Sooooo it’s kind of sad how a few poorly-placed luxuries make me feel like I have toppled out of control on spending.  I practiced some bougie “self care” this month with an expensive haircut, wax, and fancy cocktails over lavish dinners.  It has not been so bad that I cannot pay my credit card weekly but it’s enough that I don’t have anything extra to throw at student loans with this paycheck.  I also have to replenish my emergency fund from when i had some rough medical expenses last month.

So I’m going to do a spend fast for the last half of the month.  All of my bills are automatic so those will go out and I will just not have any cards or cash in my wallet.  Today I went and spent $48 at Aldi and have pulled pork stewing in the crockpot…enough to eat now and throw some in the freezer towards the end of the month.

I have cable.  I have an insurance license to study for.  I have a 2/3 full bottle of bourbon.  I can do this!

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