Sunday’s Five Frugals -End of Month Edition

  1. Well…I spent money this weekend and I’m not gonna beat myself up about it too hard.  I bought a pair of nude pumps for work and a pair of black sandals to replace my 7 year old pair that will now be a health hazard.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts to buffer my small summer wardrobe from Target and 2 pairs of Spanx tights from TJ Maxx ($8 vs $29?  DONE) I know that spending isn’t really part of my constant worry about money but only the 2 pairs of shorts were full-price at $16 a pop.
  2. I invested on things for my home this weekend as well…80% of my furniture and decor are hand-me-downs or free.  I bought a metal orb from HomeGoods – something I’ve been eyeing for the past few months and at one point almost paid $60 for at a show….I got it for $20 and it’s in my favorite color.  I had some Lowe’s giftcards through Swagbucks so I bought an air filter for the A/C and a few potted herbs and potters…this one’s an investment since I’m growing herbs to eat now, right??
  3. Making green curry tonight – all I had to pick up was a small bag of shrimp for $8 and everything else is from the pantry….I won’t be doing anymore grocery shopping this week!  I took teriyaki chicken I prepped out of the freezer and can throw that in the corckpot tomorrow.  Also going to make a big batch of brown rice to go with both curry and teriyaki.
  4. Been cleaning out my craft supplies and founds some stuff I can sell on Craigslist and finished my first crochet scarf!!!  I’m going to continue to just use the red lion yarn and will collect scraps of it and make a blanket.  Anyone have any extra red lion yarn laying around?  I’ll take that off your hands!  I also identified a few things that will make good gifts to people.
  5. Studying for my health and life insurance license….it’s boring but it’s keeping me indoors a lot.  Studying is free!  UGH!

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