June into July

Whirlwinds and windfalls!  May and June were kind of nuts as I studied for and passed my health and life insurance license exam on June 22nd.  I’ve been solely focused on cramming 25 units into my face and am just now coming up for air.  I was not very frugal and did little planning and I’m happy to get back on track (how many times have i said that now?  Oh well.)

I bought a washer and dryer but the electricity to the dryer needs to be fixed first.  At least I can wash my delicates!  i may still take one more trip to the laundromat since I have some huge quilts and money left on the laundry card that is virtually useless otherwise.

I just dropped $60 at Aldi and am cooking and preparing for the week!  Turkey balls just came out of the oven and I’m going to crock up some pulled pork tomorrow.  I got a bag of spring mix for 89cents that will be perfect for both items.  I seriously can’t get enough of Aldi.

I did decide it was time to drop $15/month at least for a gym membership at work.  I’m going to try and check it out tomorrow after work because I will be sad if I get there all early only to be denied access.  I may cancel it (anytime cancellation woo!) and do Planet Fitness with my boyfriend moves in next month (!!!) but we’ll see what happens.

Things are happening!

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