Five Frugal Things

  1. I trade leftovers with my friend/dogwalker throughout the week and today she left me a mystery meal that was delicious – turns out it’s oriechette with swiss chard and tomatoes.  I’ll be leaving her pulled pork which is one of her favorites!  She is my friend first and dogwalker second – she walks my dog 4 days a week in exchange for me ordering things for her on Amazon and the occasional trip to BJ’s or to pick up something large in my hatchback.
  2. I did not renew my ridiculous gym membership that no longer works based on where I live!  I now do the $15/month cancel-anytime membership with the gym in my office building.  It’s *tiny* but the machines are clean and work and the showers are nicer than mine at home.  Also…if I go 150 times in a 12month span I will get reimbursed by my health insurance! I have gained pretty much all of the weight I lost on Weight Watchers but just can’t justify the cost right now – so instead, I’m using a mixture of higi and myfitnesspal to log and be held accountable.
  3. I am preparing for my boyfriend to move in at the end of next month.  I’ve been purging and putting together things to sell to make room for him.  Not only is it really exciting to make that next step but it will be SO MUCH BETTER to combine incomes to handle household expenses.
  4. I biked to work which was technically free.  A monthly transpass costs $91 and I managed to scoot by on $56 in tokens instead!  I am increasing my work’s pre-tax public transportation vouchers to $72 which is exactly what I need in tokens to get to and from work instead of paying $91 for the pass.
  5. Swagbucks is having an ncrave swago party so I’ve been earning a lot in a short period of time.

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