5 Frugal Things

  1. I biked to and from my doctor’s appointment and work today.
  2. I made beans and rice last night for the first time adn brought it for lunch and didn’t like it…but ate it anyway and suffered through.  I found some buffalo chicken strips in the back of the freezer for dinner instead of the rest of the rice and beans.  THEN! I found an individual portion of mexican chicken in the back of my freezer and that should fix the rice and beans for the rest of it’s short life.  Old me would have just ordered out something fancy that I could eat for maybe 2 meals.
  3. I invited a friend over to watch MasterChef at my place tonight.  Continuing to justify my cable bill by sharing it with my friends!
  4. I’ve kind of grown an alcohol allergy over the last few months and have basically sworn the stuff off indefinitely.  Hopefully this will decrease my bar and restaurant bills and eradicates the alcohol budget!  I am very sad to see booze go but I know it’s only a good thing for me.
  5. Amazon Prime Day is next Tuesday, 7/12.  I am in desperate need for some new gym capris and would *really* like a FitBit Blaze for a teal HR (in a size small!) so I’m going to try to scope these deals.  I’ve been cashing out amazon giftcards on all of my earning sites so I don’t have to spend real money.

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