Five Frugals Tuesday Edition

  1. I went to the gym this morning – exercise and a “free” shower while earning my way towards my $150 membership credit!  Health is frugal as fuck.  I’m also doing fitbit challenges and one of my friends is doing 20k a day….so I would have to get at least that ot beat her!  It’s day 2 and I’m not sure I can do it haha.
  2. I didn’t take my lunch to work….FAIL.  I ended up at Panda Express for a little nostalgia from when I worked retail.  The difference?  This time instead of the platter of 3+ options, I got a grilled veggie bowl with some orange chicken on top.  It was $6.70 which is dumb but is below average lunch costs that area.  I drank water at work and I may have grabbed a few extra straws and napkins.
  3. I’m confident I can go one more day at least before running the washer and dryer.  Today I’m trying to finish out my cooking for the week so I’ve roasted veggies, fried up sausage, and am currently baking some chicken breast.  Trying to run the oven all at once so I can be done with it!  I also just cleaned out my monster microwave that I am going to put on craigslist.  I keep mentioning it in hopes that I will eventually DO.
  4. I have some letters I need to write – I have a whole box of cards and bags of scrapbooking materials so I really need to actually do something with those items!
  5. I have HVAC people coming out on Friday.  It’s going to be unfortunate and it’s probably going to take the last of my savings.  Is this the push I need to FINALLY list that item on Craigslist?

So it seems like there are a few fails in there and I have to figure something out.  I can do it!

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