Five Frugal: Saturday Edition

  1. Spent a good portion of the day just hanging out at the house, cleaning a bit, and making cards for friends that just moved.  I had all the materials on hand!
  2. Batched all my errands and with to CVS, the gym, and Trader Joe’s.  The showers at my gym are better than my home shower and nobody was there so I took my sweet time and even shaved my legs!  I also took that opportunity to wash a bunch of coconut oil out of my hair.  I used all free samples for toiletries!  And slowly working towards those 120 gym sessions that will reimburse my gym fees through health insurance.
  3. Trying this Thai Peanut Chicken recipe from Budget Bytes tonight because I had drumsticks in my freezer and a hefty stock of peanut butter.  It’s currently marinating in the fridge!  I didn’t obtain fresh ginger or cilantro but I did have the dried stuff and the sauce tastes pretty darn good to me.  Wallydog is enjoying the remains of the peanut butter jar as a ghetto kong treat!
  4. I haven’t done a load of laundry since last Friday…I believe tomorrow will finally be the day as I am mostly out of clothes and need to wash my sheets.  I am also confident that I can get away with one hot load and one cold load.  I hang about 75% of my cold load to boot!
  5. I used some Amazon gift cards to buy a cheap but sturdy journal – I like to write!  It keeps me focused on my goals.  I didn’t overly like the quote on the front of the journal, so I went through my collage boxes and found some stuff to fix the front!

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