November – How’s that Kitchen Fund going?

The trouble with my goals is that they always end up organic.  I have a hard time sticking with long-term goals becuase I need some instant gratification and then I spend my time hurrying up to wait.

I tried a new app recently called Qapital.  Like Digit, it takes small amounts from your checking account and puts them in a different account.  The biggest difference is that Qapital makes withdrawals based on sets of rules that you can create – both in your everyday purchases AND using social cues.  Currently, I have $1.00 going to a Kitchen Fund every day that I hit my FitBit step goal, repin something to my Money Pinterest Board, use the hashtag #wallydog on Instagram, and a few others.  In 2 days, it has racked up $5.35.

The Pros: Transferring more small amounts of money based on social media stuff – I LOVE that.

The Cons: It takes them a few days to make withdrawals and your savings account does not have any interest or incentives (Digit gives you something like 20 cents every couple of months depending on how much money you have there)

The biggest con was probably the fact that it made me realize that keeping my Kitchen Fund makes it difficult to earn any interest on the money I’m saving.  So I’ve transferred the PayPal earnings to my savings account and have set my goal to $100 on Qapital so that I can get interest.

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How’s that Kitchen Fund?  Well, in 30 ebay transactions I have net exactly $60.  In the amount of effort I put forth, I am not sure I’m doing this right.  I believe I will just throw the remaining stuff on a Philadelphia Yard Sale and then donate by the end of next month just to get my space back!

Sundays are for Sidegigs – The New Kitchen Fund.

Sundays are usually my day for getting ready for the week and hanging out at the house making extra funds.  Things have definitely been different now that my boyfriend has moved in, but he gets my groove and has even assisted!

eBay Listings
I’ve been listing small, easily-shipped items on eBay and relisting them when they don’t sell.  Click Here To See My eBay Shop!
And my wonderful boyfriend set me up with a better setup for taking good pictures of my items for sale!2016-11-06-11-15-39

….but then once I was done taking all of the pictures, we realized that neither of us have an SD card reader and that his is missing in the mass of basement boxes that he hasn’t gotten to yet.  So this week’s round of eBay auctions are just going to be relists from the last few weeks and some craft kits I have pictures for.

My eBay sales go into my paypal account.  My PayPal account typically pays for Spotify, GrubHub, and my Gym Membership (that I use!) but I have recently cancelled Spotify and haven’t ordered more than once a month.  With these cuts and some cash going into this account – I hope to start a New Kitchen Fund out of it!

What is the New Kitchen Fund, you ask?
My kitchen is a bit rough.  The old fridge leaked behind the oven and cabinets and the floor needs to be repaired and my cabinets are actually disintegrating because they are old particle board.  So far, the only quote I’ve got from a contractor was for $9,000 and that didn’t even include the floor.  I am confident that I can do this for half that with some extra manpower and reclaiming some things.

What else goes into Paypal?
iBotta Rewards
InboxDollars Rewards
eBay Sales
Swagbucks Rewards
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I can transfer the funds to a savings account with interest easily when it becomes substantial.  I wonder how long it will take to get $4,500 in there?  Maybe you should stay tuned!

Well….I can’t edit pictures so I’m going to watch Netflix and earn some Swagbucks!