Five Frugal Things – Birthday Edition

  1. I have been taking advantage of the free coupons you get for signing up for e-mail lists.  I ate lunch twice last week for free thanks to coupons (and a third lunch thanks to a coworker buying me birthday lunch)
  2. I also got a 20% off coupon to our local thrift store and went with a friend for some girl time.  I got two work-appropriate tops and an ugly sweater for work’s ugly sweater party…and I will use this for every ugly sweater party henceforth.  I was gifted a $50 Visa card so I didn’t touch my credit or actual money for this fun.  We also bought a collapsable hutch made of iron and wood….and carried it home on the subway instead of getting an Uber.  In hindsight, that wasn’t so smart….but we got it home for almost free.
  3. My friend drove up from Maryland to celebrate and we spent yesterday at a free, local event.  We spent no money and enjoyed a stroll down Easy Passyunk Avenue looking at ice sculptures.
  4. I went to Aldi on my birthday.  Just because I’m “celebrating” doesn’t mean I should completely break my routine and leave myself set up for failure for the rest of the week.  We know I’m not grocery shopping after work!
  5. Instead of going out to one lavish, overpriced birthday meal, I opted for many small, cheap/moderate meals over a full weekend.  I’m happier this way and will get a fancy meal at my company’s holiday party next week.

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