Here’s to 30.

Today I celebrate my 30th birthday and am one of the few that get excited about it.  I’ve had a FANTASTIC weekend with a few close friends and have done a bunch of things that make me happy.

What did I do on my birthday weekend?
Well, I drank and ate!  A lot!  With great people!  I enjoyed being with my people at Taproom on 19th, the East Passyunk Arctic Ave , Black Cat Tavern on 12th, SouthHouse, and Philly AIDS Thrift.  I also took off tomorrow to recover.

I GOT A PAINT SET! My wonderful boyfriend went above and beyond and got me a full painter’s box with both oil and watercolor with plenty of accessories.  I will get to paint!


I am a better person than I was at 20.  I’m finally learning the balance needed for personal growth – positive influences, personal management, and reflecction.  I’m more healthy, confident, and responsible.  One could say I thrive on adulting.  I am thankful to shed my awkward twenties and march Beyonce-style into a more confident and stable decade.


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