Five Frugal Things

A la The Non-Consumer Advocate:

  1. Yesterday we went to BJ’s and as you may have seen – I wrote the amounts of savings on each .  One of the things I got was 36 eggs for $6.23 (after in-store coupon and iBotta) Today we had a hearty breakfast and I just made a batch of Tollhouse cookies.  We go through eggs like crazy in this house so it was a good investment.
  2. I am working on earning a big amount in December on my earning sites and plan to stop using them next year to create more art.  Now that I’m 30 and live with my partner I am qualifying for more surveys.  Alas, these sites aren’t earning what they used to so I need to look at other income options.
  3. We finally hung some things today on one of our wall – including the beautiful mirror my boyfriend re-did!
  4. I’m writing this blog post and am looking at other blog ideas for 2017 – this is frugal because it is free to do and may build up to better things!
  5. I didn’t buy anything stupid.  We’ve eaten at home for every meal.  Snuggling with my dog and baking instead of turning the heat up!

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