Prime Ribmas – our easy, lazy Christmas

Christmas has always been a draining time to me.  From having it be my birth month, my years in retail, and family things always being a bit difficult…in the past it has been an exhausting time.  I think I am finally out of my retail/consumer hatred enough (after 6 years of being out of retail) that I can de-Grinch a little and get in the spirit.

My dad and I have been doing Prime Ribmas for the last few years….where we get together and eat prime rib and just hang out.  We exchanged one gift with each other and they were practical and greatly appreciated.  We did this last night so I now get to hang out at home for the rest of the day and enjoy the three-day weekend.

Pictures from my Instagram

My boyfriend is in the basement staining wood from a $25 shelf we got at Philly AIDS Thrift and I’m on the couch snuggling with Wally and working in Swagbucks and InboxDollars so I can cash out by year end and be done with them for awhile.  Tonight we’re going to a thai restaurant with his mom and aunt (one of the few things open)

Happy Whatever!  The holidays are almost over!


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