One Week Down. Fifty One to Go.

How did the first week of my goals go?  Well…let’s see:

Personal Goals

General Health
I went to the gym twice last week which is better than many other weeks.  I forgot to mention in my initial post that my gym will reimburse my gym memberships if I go to the gym 120 times in a calendar year.  120 equals going up to three times most weeks so it’s a bit tough and I have a few months where I was off the bandwagon.  So far I’ve been 32 times since July 5th…in theory, if I go 3 times a week from now to the end of june I can hit that reimbursement!

As you read this, I’m finishing up at the gym right now!  I’ll be down for the count Thursday and Friday so I’m making an effort to get it in early this week.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 33/120

Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – February 20th!

create! Create!! CREATE!!!
I STARTED A PAINTING!  I got my paints all set up in my Craft Cave and have put two layers down so far.  It feels good but I think I need to get a second one going too because I forgot how much I hate lag time when waiting for paint to dry.

Curious of what Wally was helping me with last week?  I WORKED ON A LATCH HOOK PROJECT!  I pulled a latch-hook rug project out that I started a year ago and finished the block but now need to go back and fix it up.  I don’t want to reveal what it is yet….so here’s another picture of Wally helping me with it:wp-1483926358383.jpg

I picked up Amy Poehler’s Yes Please at the library and finished the book last night.  I’m convinced that Amy Poehler and I are *almost* the same person and feel freshly renewed.  The book set a good tone for my year and was full of awesome quotes to hold close.  I joined a Goodreads Reading Challenge to read 6 books this year – a bit less than the 30+ most of my friends on there have pledged….but I’m realistic and know myself.  I do have a few books waiting to come in at the library and I anticipate finishing this book pretty darn fast.


Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I saved $8 this week using Qapital

Save Like a Motherfucker
This week was a bit of a wash as I did go out twice BUT I also got a free catered lunch at work that fed staff for 2 days of lunch, the man and I for dinner, dinner with friends on Saturday…and I’m eating the rest of it for lunch at work today.  I did not actually save yet soooo…

Mortgage: $8/$1,000
Savings: $0/$1,000
So $2,000 towards each of these goals by June? It’s still reasonable.

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I e-mailed someone at work that does webinars and teaches people the products we sell so he’s going to call me this week to set up some webinars.

Learning About Annuities
I e-mailed someone different at work and they are on vacation so I hope to hear back sometime next week.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
Thank you to the people that have read for the last week!  I look forward to interacting in the future and hearing what people have to say.

Weekly Updates
Well….one down.

How did the first week of 2017 go for you?

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