#TealTuesday #2

Going through my goals – health is a huge part of that.  Here is a typical picture of me at 7ish in the morning getting ready to go do some fitness.2016-08-25 07.23.05.jpg

Tuesdays are also one of my gym days.  Check that sweet runner’s jacked.  I don’t run.

I’ve lost about 100lbs since 2006 and am in a constant struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve had this jacket for many years and it has stayed comfortable through my journey!  I’ve had this jacket since I lived in Maryland and won’t get rid of it despite it being a lot louder than I prefer my clothes to be these days (yes, even at the gym.)  But I am making it do and getting my buff on.

I’m using a series of apps to keep track on my fitness:

AchieveMint  lets you earn points for linking your trackers and you can cash out rewards.  It takes awhile but I like it – Sign Up with my referral link and you will get a bonus!

Fitbit – my Charge HR tracks my exercise, steps, sleep, water, and heart rate.  LOVE IT.  I also love doing Challenges with my friends.  Add me and let’s step it out. (links to higi, achievemint, and myfitnesspal)

My Fitness Pal tracks my food and cardio (links to my fitbit and achievemint)

higi is where I track my blood pressure and weight.  They’re at most Rite Aids and Wallgreens.

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