Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

Personal Goals

General Health
Last week i only went to the gym once…but also had surgery on Thursday.  So far recovery has been as expected – full of drugs and lots of rest.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 34/120

Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – February 20th!

create! Create!! CREATE!!!
I did not create much this week as I have been too fucked up to do much more than watch People’s Court – but I have been working on the book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

I also heard back from a local bar that I had reached out to regarding some arts & crafts events so I’m now waiting to see what they have to say.


Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I saved $8 this week using Qapital …but the Qapital goal currently has $49.87 in it since I have been saving since November in it.  I’m gonna go ahead and bump this up since that’s going to the mortgage so I’m going to update that.

Save Like a Motherfucker
I noticed that my bank started charging me $1.99 a month for a FinanceWorks budget tracking…since I use mint.com I called the bank and cancelled this service.  That will save me $21.89 this year!  I also finally got paid this past Friday but am waiting to move anything to savings until I see how much the surgery cost.  The surgery and CT scan should not cost more than $875 total so let’s see what that comes out to when the bill comes!

Mortgage: $49.87/$1,000
Savings: $0/$1,000
So $2,000 towards each of these goals by June? It’s still reasonable.

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I have confirmed with the person at work that I can set up times to meet weekly for insurance so I will set that up once I am back at work.  I also have coupons to take classes for all of my CE credits

Learning About Annuities
I spoke with the person I need to and will also reach out to her once I get back to work.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
I’d actually like to know why the fuck you are reading this.  It’s probably going to take me some more time to get my voice but I’m interested to see what’s working and not so far.

Weekly Updates
Two down!


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