Five Frugal Things – Post-Op Edition

A la The Non-Consumer Advocate:

  1. I have been basically home since Thursday – I’ve spent $32 in GrubHub but that lasted me 2 meals and everything else has been in-home eating.  I still have $65 left on the eating out budget for this month so we’re doing okay.  Can’t spend if I’m sleeping!
  2. Even though I vowed mostly to give up on earning sites in 2017, I’ve been too out of it to do any painting or reading.  I have been able to click aimlessly on websites so I’ve earned about $26 between Swagbucks and InboxDollars.
  3. Yesterday I HAD to get out of the house.  We took the subway down to the thrift store and looked around and spent NOTHING.  My boyfriend had picked up a neat metal spoon but ended up putting it back so he didn’t have to charge $1.25.  Took the subway instead of spending on an Uber.
  4. I love daytime TV.  I love daytime TV.  I could sit home all day for the rest of my life watching judge shows.   Utilizing this cable that I’m paying for.
  5. Today I had my first post-op appointment!  We took the subway and there was no copay.  I went and also got my allergy shot after to bundle errands and then we got breakfast at Panera where I used a giftcard.  We took a nice stroll a few blocks down before hopping back on the subway.  I’m tuckered out but feel pretty damn good for someone that just had surgery.

What frugal shit are you getting into?



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