Earning Free Amazon Gift Cards – How I’m up to $112.88 so far in 2017!

I currently have $112.88 on my Amazon gift card balance from earning sites.

photo courtesy for amazon.com
photo courtesy for amazon.com

December was good to me in many ways – one of them being I was able to cash out on a lot of earning sites that had high earning rates for the holidays!  Here is how I racked up this random amount of cash in December.

Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

$40.00 through Inbox Dollars
It took me 6 months to earn $30 – and then less than a month to earn the additional $10 in the higher bonus time of December.  Now…it took me 6 months because I didn’t spend much time with it until the last 2-3 months when I actually got into some surveys, played videos a lot, and did a few e-mail offers.  I earned $67 in 2016 through Inbox Dollars and I think it would be more worth it if I spent more time with it….but I’m trying to limit my earning site time in 2017!

$17.88 through Job Spotter by Indeed
December is PERFECT for Job Spotter because everyone is hiring for extra holiday help – I cashed in for all sorts of help wanted signs and now it’s become a game I can’t stop playing.  I like to walk around on my lunch breaks and find now hiring signs!

$5.00 through Perk.com
Probably the longest $5 it took to earn – from my understanding, people make the most money from them running phones all day and it just seems overly time consuming.  I enjoy their Word Search and Pop Quiz (trivia) games but am no longer working any harder than that to earn.

$25.00 through Swagbucks
Ahhhh Swagbucks.  My love-hate relationship that is more hate every year.  The earnings are not as great, the videos longer, and the surveys just never want to hear from a 30 year old female from 19145.  Yet I can’t seem to stop running videos on my phone at home or checking in when I’m on the laptop.  For that,December was an easy earning month sand I’ve got $25!  I earned $255 in gift cards through Swagbucks in 2016

$25.00 from Verizon Rewards
I earn rewards for just having Verizon – I have things set on auto pay and I earn rewards monthly so in December I cashed out for another Amazon gift card.  I earned about $75 last year in giftcards from Verizon so it’s nice they give a little back despite their ridiculous prices.




2 thoughts on “Earning Free Amazon Gift Cards – How I’m up to $112.88 so far in 2017!

    • Great incentive!! I actually save up Amazon a lot and wait for pet supplies to go on promotion through Amazon at either eBates or Swagbucks. My dog needs expensive food and treats and Amazon seems to have the best prices with the free shipping :)

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