WEEK 7 RECAP: Now Funky Fresh

General Health

I may have failed to mention that I had a dental checkup, well-woman, and physical in the last three weeks!  For most things – I was normal and healthy.  Some general health things I need to do – floss more, weight-baring exercise, and better diet.

Still trying to find the balance where I can eat fatty things and be healthy and closer to calorie goals.  myfitnesspal  has been great for water and calorie tracking…not much on exercise tracking because I’m having a hard time logging the Girl Meets Fitness workouts.  I just switch my FitBit to workout mode and pray it’s adjusting properly.

I am FOUR Weeks Down on the StepBet Challenge – OVER THE HUMP!

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 45(as of 2/17)  /120

Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – TODAY IS THE DAY!  My appointment is at 5:30 but since I’m off today I may try to go earlier.

Be Creative
My scarf is coming along swimmingly!  I had one huge fuck up and my friend had to “frog” a few rows but I’m back in action!

Financial Goals

Well.  February is ALWAYS a really rough month financially.  Car insurance.  BJ’s (cheaper in the long run for meat than regular markets and buying in bulk keeps us shopping out of the freezer)  Higher utilities due to weather.  More travel expenses through the city in inclement weather.  Not to mention that I’m still waiting on the surgery bill from last month.

All hands on deck.  Batten down the hatches.  Time to get frugal as fuck.

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I closed my Qapital account this week.  The new bank account that I recently opened for a cash bonus has direct deposit and also gains interest!  It’s also directly linked to my mortgage account so I am confident that I am more likely to throw money directly into the principal.  Like the $31.50 I put in the other day just to even out the dollar amount in the checking account.

For this goal I will now not talk about what I’m saving to put into it but what actually gets transferred to the principle!

Save Like a Motherfucker Frugal as Fuck
It would appear that I’m the antithesis of saving like a motherfucker this month.  I had to dip in and I’m now negative for this goal.  I’ll be posting a few more posts on how I’m going to be frugal as fuck for the next few weeks.

Mortgage: $31.50/$1,000
Savings: $0/$1,000
So $2,000 towards each of these goals by June? Um….

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
We started this training this week and I was told to wait another month or two before I start the CE credits.  Boo.

Learning About Annuities
Still waiting on this to be scheduled.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
Yeah I’m not sure – I noticed last week that I didn’t fully proofread my weekly update and had to fix it after and I was a bit mad that I didn’t proofread better!

Weekly Updates
I feel good about wiping everything but a few links from this and starting anew so I could a) break up the monotony and b) ensure we have less kerfuffles this week!

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