Five Frugal Things: Saturday Edition

A la The Non-Consumer Advocate:

  1. I have no plans….and that’s the best plan some weekends.  We went grocery shopping and are staying in the house while my boyfriend attempts making pho!  Our pot is not the suggested size but we are making do… wp-1489260198922.jpg
  2. I’m continuing to work on my first knitting project and I’m trying to get through the purple yarn so I can start the green!  It’s such a great activity to do and I can run Swagbucks and InboxDollars while I do it.  A great couch activity for a quiet, cold weekend.
  3. Enjoying the TV we have at the house instead of renting or going to the movies.  We do have cable and are locked in until December but we take full advantage of OnDemand and DVR.  I’ve got plenty of People’s Court and High Court to watch!
  4. I rinsed out the compost bucket with rain barrel water while that was emptying and watered our little babies – look at them grow!2017-03-11 11.02.32.jpg
  5. I’m not buying anything!  So enjoy this picture of Wallace:2017-03-11 12.45.49

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