WEEK 10 Recap – Making March My Bee-awtch.

General Health

I met with a nutritionist on Thursday who said I need to incorporate more protein into my breakfasts to keep me more full and less snacky throughout the day.

I signed up for the March FitCamp!  and wrote down 3 health goals for the month of March:

  1. Respect nutrition
  2. Do one legitimate straight-leg pushup
  3. Beat last month’s 13 days at the gym – I’ve done 7 as of last Friday!

I have these written on the bulletin board at home and see them every morning on my way out the door.  I’m doing a few different things to help with upper body that I’ll go over throughout the month!

My payout for the last StepBet was a whopping $7.70 on top of my $40 bet – not bad for basically free money for walking! I joined a new one – Fitbit for Weight Loss: Lucky Steppers (you need to download the app and then search for Lucky Steppers) and it’s in the first week which is what I will call the “whatever week” where people join and drop out and nothing really matters

Megan urged us to write 3 goals for the month of March and I will update you on those soon!

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 56(as of 3/9) /120

Be Creative
I’ve been knitting! I went to knitting circle and had a good friend over yesterday for dinner and crafting on the couch.  I’m now on my third and last color on this scarf and was able to score lots of colorful yarn for $8 to make my next project: legwarmers.

I’m told I will soon have a yarn horde but glad I’m not out buying up more than I need just yet!

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I threw another $100 down on dat principal this week.

Frugal as Fuck
I went out to support South Philly Food Co-Op and only had one beer for the whopping tune of $4.  I brought my lunch every day and ate it even when I REALLY wanted the Five Dolla Holla Halal Cart

I found a way to finally pay for my Nikes – I managed to get a brand new pair of Pegasus 33’s and some workout pants for $118.80.  I bought a Nike.com giftcard from MyGiftCardsPlus through Swagbucks that gave me 500 instant SB ($5) and then used eBates to get cash back that came out to $16.80.  The shoes were originally $125 but I got the clearance colors and the pants were $60.  I then had to throw out a pair of my 11 year old Under Armour workout pants because there were just too many crotch holes.  Even when I splurge it’s on good investments that will last me awhile and be good for my health!

I earned $5 through ReceiptHog and cashed out $25.46 through JobSpotter.  And spent the weekend on the couch knitting and running Swagbucks as highlighted through Saturday’s Five Frugal Things post.

Mortgage: $431.50/$1,000

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I did work on my CE this week a little bit but it’s slow-going since I only work on it 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there.

I’m scheduled to go to a Disability Income seminar  on Wednesday that will be good for 1 CE…..weather permitting.  I’m not driving to Blue Bell in rush hour in the snow!

Learning About Annuities
This got pushed to the end of the month.  Boo.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
I’ve been a bit busy so I haven’t really had any chances to focus on this – and that’s okay!  I’m living life!

Weekly Updates
I’ve gone through almost the entire first quarter doing these so that’s exciting!  I’m not going to lie that I’ve run out of #TealTuesday topics and need to sit down soon and just throw a bunch of drafts down.  Honestly, pictures are the hardest part for this.

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