Five Frugal Things: Saturday Edition

A la The Non-Consumer Advocate:

  1. I ate leftover pizza and brewed coffee at home for breakfast.
  2. I used our rain barrel water to clean out our Bennett Compost bucket, another bucket, and water some plants.
  3. I met the boyfriend at a bazaar happening at our local Whole Foods – we walked around and bought nothing then came home and ate snacks. One of my favorite things about Philadelphia is all the free entertainment spring through fall.
  4. I’ve had the itch to go out and get a beer or something. Instead, we’re drinking what we have at home. We also went to Acme and bought New York strip steaks, some sides, and a dessert for the cost of one entree at a restaurant. I’m so thankful my man can cook!
  5. Spending the evening in is so much cheaper! Eating and drinking at home while watching the TV we pay for. I’m running Swagbucks and knitting through it all.

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