Week 22 – #Staycation

Here’s something different – a play by play of my Staycation.

I hung out at the house all day! I used the circle loom and pumped out 2 hats and started a cowl. I also updated my Ravelry account and had a friend over to do some laundry and eat pizza.

I took a little road trip in the morning to Doylestown because Traditions Yarn Shop is going out of business and everything was 30% off. I scored 6 skeins of yarn I also stopped at the In Full Swing Thrift Shop and found some great pieces! I also picked up the perfect notions bag at Serendipity¬†and a birthday gift for my boyfriend’s niece at the Doylestown Bookshop.

It felt really awesome to just take off for a mini day trip and support a lot of local businesses! After this, my boyfriend and I drove to Maryland for dinner in honor of the aforementioned niece’s birthday – I started a hat with my new yarn on the road and we came home with coffee and half a watermelon.

We took a road trip down to my dad’s house in Delaware for a few hours. We went to Jimmy’s Grille and feasted on fried chicken and then I grabbed a few more items from my dad’s attic – I’m working one box at a time to clear out the rest of my stuff.

I found a recipe my mom had saved for apricot jello and found a bunch of my old art shit from college.

I biked into the city this morning to get my shots…only to discover they don’t open until 11am today. Gr. So I ran a few errands in center city, biked home, then Rich and I continued more errands and went back into the city for my shots. We then at from the five dolla holla halal cart and went home.

I spent the afternoon cleaning up the house for guests and then biked to 10th and Pine for knitting circle – so glad to have my ladies to knit with! Friends arrived in the evening and we hung out around the house.

We went to Lil’ Java Philly for breakfast and off to PhillyAIDS Thrift and Loop yarn shop. I obtained 3 mason jars at 99cents each and two bags from Loop that came out to almost $20. We ordered in Circles for dinner then knit with friends for the rest of the night.

I got up early and worked on some home shit.
While it doesn’t look like I did much – I went through about 5 boxes of collage supplies/scraps and condensed them down 2. My mom had these amazing Creative Memories roller cases so I put some of my collage shit in there and condensed the rest to 1 box. I’m going to a collage party next week and will now be super portable and excited to share all of these supplies with some ladies.

I also did laundry and went through more donation bags gifted to me – I have quite the donation pile for Big Brothers Big Sisters next week!

Slowly pulled myself back to reality. Aldi run with my friend where I spent $75 on lots of awesome back-on-track groceries. Salmon, shrimp, chicken, yogurt, hummus, produce, and whole wheat hamburger buns that were only 50cents a pack! Our freezer is restocked and ready to go.

Gym bag packed. Crockpot Mexican Chicken made. Home kind of in order.


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