Week 24……Welp.

Between having the bathroom sink snaked and the HVAC dying we are having a month.


General Health

I was down 3 lbs this week!!! Whaaaat? I went to the gym FOUR TIMES this week. Another whaaaaat?

Look, I’m not a huge proponent for “self-care” as I think this is a term that has been branded for marketing purposes and I’m against anything that comes off as another way to get people to buy shit they don’t need. With that being said – my friend encouraged me to get a pedicure on Saturday and LORD JESUS I NEEDED THAT SHIT. I sat in the chair and drifted off with no thoughts while a lady rubbed my feet. I haven’t had a pedicure in about a year so it was time. I feel so much better!


GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 91(as of 6/18) /120 

Be Creative
I worked on my knitting a bit more. I need to journal more but was spending my time getting insurance CE stuff done instead.WIN_20170610_09_48_51_Pro

Financial Goals

Well…..these are a bit fucked right now as I am mentally preparing to buy a new HVAC system that is going to cost around $6,000. I need to work on my next 6 month goals and I guess you can guess where my funds will be going.

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I have to give up on this goal now that I’m saving all cash for the HVAC.

Frugal AF
Oh man, this one is about to get turnt coming up. I cancelled the last of my subscription services, cancelled one of my Verizon lines as soon as I was eligible, and just loaded up on groceries at Aldi. I’m about to be a saaaaaad hermit for awhile but I’m going to share the journey with you.

My pedicure friend came in from out of town for the weekend and I was thankful to hang out with her. She gets my level of spending right now so we did a lot of free things including the Newbold Blues Festival, sitting on the couch while it rained, and a Summer Solstice party with one of my coworkers. I’m thankful for the people in my tribe that

Mortgage: $800/$1,000

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
So I have 1.5 chapters left in my course – technically, I need to have it completed and take the test today to have this count on my work goals.

Learning About Annuities
We did another training last week but feel like this isn’t really working for me.

Blog Goals

I need to come up with my next goals for the second half of the year. I’m not confident that I will be making any blog goals because I’m having a hard time just doing these weekly updates. I also need to focus on making some more money to pay for the HVAC system.

Weekly Updates
I am here and we are going to keep trucking through.

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