Week 28

General Health 
This week I only went to the gym once with my friend at her new gym. It was pretty swank, but a little out of the way for me to visit regularly.

GYM REIMBURSEMENT GOAL: 95(as of 7/16) /120

Sub-Goal – Donate Blood: 2/6 – next on Thursday!

Focus on Creativity 
I worked on my leg warmers.

Financial Goals

Pay Off the Fucking HVAC
The final installment just hit my credit card so the ticker has begun. I also got paid so I was able to throw some at this:

HVAC: $0/$6,520

Professional Goals


Week 27 – New(ish) Goals

Hello Party People!

I need to get rolling on the next 6 months of 2017 and how I’m going to rock them out. I feel like I did pretty good for the first half but I’m going to simplify and go for just a few goals this time:

General Health 
I would like to really get the last of that gym time in and get that reimbursement by year end!

GYM REIMBURSEMENT GOAL: 94(as of 6/27) /120

Sub-Goal – Donate Blood: 2/6 

Focus on Creativity 
I think this has been incredibly helpful to me for the last 6 months and I want to continue to focus on keeping my hands busy. On Saturday, I did yarn dying with my knitting circle and on Sunday, another craft group went to an embroidery class at Paradigm Gallery. There’s enough stuff going on between these two groups and all of the stuff I have at home that i’m excited!!

Financial Goals

Pay Off the Fucking HVAC
I may or may not have just put out $6,520 for a new HVAC system – it’s good that I don’t have to worry about this for the next decade or so but it sucks. So I would like to pay off as much of this as possible before year-end.

HVAC: $0/$6,520

Professional Goals

I still haven’t had my annual review at work so I’m holding off…


What are your 2nd half goals for 2017?

Week 26 – 1/2 Year Check In!

Well….this is officially 6 months. Halfway through this year! Let’s see how I did with these goals – you can read my original post from January here

Personal Goals

General Health
I feel like I did pretty darn good on this one! I’m down 10lbs thanks to Weight Watchers and some of the StepBet games I was in.
Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – I have donated blood twice and need to schedule another because it is time.

Focus on Creativity 
I also did well on this one! I’ve been knitting, using the circle loom, had a great time at a collage event, and look forward to continuing this one. Here is some progress on my recent knitting project and part of a collage I started at a collage party:


I did not read as many books as I had hoped but I started a bunch! I only finished Amy Poehler’s YES PLEASE.

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I worked pretty damn hard on this one but the HVAC has me all-cash-on-deck until it’s done.


Save Like a Motherfucker
I was able to put $1,000 in my savings! It has been difficult maintaining it but I feel better know it’s there gaining a lil’ interest. I also moved my IRA to Charles Schwab where some service fees are waived for doing monthly $100 direct deposit. Saving that $1,200 will be really helpful in the long run and I hope to put more cash into it!


Professional Goals

License Credits
I completed half of my insurance Continuing Education credits!

I started to learn about this and think I am going to focus some of my remaining 12 CE credits on deepening that knowledge.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
I think I did pretty good given the huge financial expenses that have popped up.

Weekly Updates
I can’t believe I did 6 months! Can I make it a year?

How did you do? What are your 2nd half goals for 2017? I want to know.