Well…2020 Sure Was Weird.

I wrote my goals on January 1st and had no idea that by the middle of March the ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR was going to be a lil’ cray cray.

However, I still had goals in mind all year and


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I DID NOT CARRY CREDIT CARD DEBT ALL YEAR! I did use my American Express sparingly and also used an Athleta (Gap/Old Navy) card that currently has about $120 in rewards sitting on it. I usually get my husband some clothes from Gap or Banana Republic for his birthday so that will be used in the next few months.

2. $2,000 Citi Loan

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I took care of this in January/February and have just been throwing their offers in the trash ever since.

3. $7,000 Student Loan #2 of #4

IN PROGRESS – I have paid off a little over $2,000 of this loan this year but will be putting some of this year’s bonus towards it and maybe a bit more through year-end. I was very thankful for the 0% interest during the pandemic!

4. Get Under 40% Body Fat

Yeah, sorry…I was actually at 42% body fat. And since I had to stop training in March….so I have no idea how this is going. BUT I have not gained weight while being home so I count that as a win.

5. Get Some Education

NOPE. Not every item can be accomplished and this one went out the window as soon as pandemic hit.

6. Fill Some Sketchbooks

I have filled 1.5 sketchbooks since January! Not a whole lot but I have been doing a lot more knitting – including 3 hats just this month.

7. Do Good Shit

Before Quarantimes, I went through the Animal Care Control Team’s volunteer orientation and walked a few dogs but that went out the window quickly. However, I did switch gears and supported some organizations that promote racial justice and equity given *gestures wildly*