February Yoga Playlist

I need to get into yoga again so I’m trying something a little different this month – BIPOC Yoga! I’m going to only do youtube videos from people of color and try to boost their numbers rather than my usual go-to yogatubes of people that look just like me. I know it seems small but it feels like a big step in being aware of what I consume.

Here is the YouTube Playlist I made


Sovereign Hands Wellness

Jessamyn Stanley

J’nae Bless

Brightxsalted Yoga

The Mat Project

Tiffany Bush Yoga

Rashmi Ramesh

I am taking vacation through the last week of February so I only have it up until the 20th. I’ll see you guys in the mornings!

Just do one thing a day.

Hello, party people! How are you doing through the first eleven days of 2020 2: The Squeakel? It has been really mentally exhausting and disappointing to be an American this week and I’ve been throwing myself into projects to try and not doomscroll……but damn, the doomscrolling is good this week.

This was the advice that I just received in the chat while watching @SNOPEEP put together a cute paper terrarium. It was their advice on learning how to stream and I am LIVING FOR IT.

In 2020, I was officially diagnosed with ADHD (and a few other things but maybe that’s for another post) and it was kind of eye-opening to how this really has affected the way I throw myself into hobbies…..as well as what holds me back from hobbies. I definitely avoid hobbies and projects that I feel I will be “bad” at in the beginning because I can’t handle the self-rejection. I also hate to follow directions and love to just throw myself into something.

I definitely felt 2 years worth of apprehension on Twitch streaming for that very reason….what if I’m bad at it?

I’m 11 days into 2021 and definitely falling down the rabbit hole of stream setup. I’ve gone live a few times now and I’m starting to really get into it. My biggest fear for all of this has been the setup of my Twitch stream itself. For instance, I haven’t put any social media up because I need to get icons for social media. I downloaded Gimp but have not taken the time to do it. In the past, this would have been a reason not to start streaming at all because it would be imperfect.

Now? I’m just jumping in and focusing on the creative time this allots me rather than the imperfection of my stream. In, 2021 we’re living by #progressnotperfection ! And I know that all of the pieces will fall together if I just take it one day at a time. Today I just wanted to update my BRB page and finally asked my husband for a little help with the webcam settings – and with some additional feedback, ended up revamping my whole streaming page! I wrote down many things that I want to research down the road….but that’s the beauty.

I just have to one thing a day to work towards my goals. And I have quite a few goals to work on so this is very easy!

Pay off the next Student loan – $15,000

We got our $600 stimulus checks last week and before I could buy anything cool stupid with it I dumped it into the loan. I have a coloring page on my bulletin board with 100 flags that count as $150 each and I HAVE COLORED THE FIRST FOUR IN BEFORE MY FIRST PAYCHECK OF 2021! BOOM!

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I have not bought anything from Amazon! I’ve supported a few artists over the last two weeks instead of buying super dumb shit! I think that’s enough for the first 11 days of the year.

First Doodle & Collage of 2021!

I’ve done two Twitch streams so far and I’m pretty excited about how it’s going so far! Of course…..we’re only 3 days into the new year so we’ll see how this is going 3 weeks from now. Please feel free to shame me if I fall off!

Here is my first doodle of 2021 from my first stream!
And here is my first collage from my second stream!!!!

2021 Goals

Pay off the next Student loan – $15,000

I have paid of two of my four student loans so far and next up – this $15,000 jerk! $1,250 per month. $625 per paycheck. $288 per week. $41.09 per day. Breaking it down to this level will definitely make me rethink the ebay/etsy habit that I have formed over the months.

Try Twitch Streaming

This one has already begun!! I did my first stream today after playing around on Streamlabs OBS for the last month. You can find me at: https://www.twitch.tv/thetealappeal We’ll see if I enjoy it but for now I’m just doing random crafts and talking. I want to make art cards and postcards and send them around and I’m excited about it!

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Last year I started by donating blood and going through ACCT’s volunteer orientation and was working on setting up some fundraisers……..and then the pandemic hit. I’ve been re-channeling those efforts into try to be more mindful with my dollars and trying to shop at places other than Amazon when I can. I also donated to the Bread & Roses Community Fund a few times this year and will continue to support organizations that promote racial justice and equity!