2021 Goals

Pay off the next Student loan – $15,000

I have paid of two of my four student loans so far and next up – this $15,000 jerk! $1,250 per month. $625 per paycheck. $288 per week. $41.09 per day. Breaking it down to this level will definitely make me rethink the ebay/etsy habit that I have formed over the months.

Try Twitch Streaming

This one has already begun!! I did my first stream today after playing around on Streamlabs OBS for the last month. You can find me at: https://www.twitch.tv/thetealappeal We’ll see if I enjoy it but for now I’m just doing random crafts and talking. I want to make art cards and postcards and send them around and I’m excited about it!

Continue to #dogoodshit

Last year I started by donating blood and going through ACCT’s volunteer orientation and was working on setting up some fundraisers……..and then the pandemic hit. I’ve been re-channeling those efforts into try to be more mindful with my dollars and trying to shop at places other than Amazon when I can. I also donated to the Bread & Roses Community Fund a few times this year and will continue to support organizations that promote racial justice and equity!

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