#TealTuesday #1

I hope to give you 52 #TealTuesday posts in 2017.  What is this silly hashtag, you ask?  I’m going to show you how I’m living a happier, simpler lifestyle through the hashtag.  From my gym-hacks to my trash picks – they all seem to end up with a teal twist so I hope that you enjoy!

I will have even more #tealtuesday posts on my Tumblr

I will start with a mirror.  I trash-picked this gem from 1965 and my boyfriend lovingly stripped, sanded, repainted, and distressed it for me.  He did teal with a white topcoat and then distressed to see it through – check out the progress!

I love to collect and redo or repurpose home goods and I’m now living with someone that actively like to refinish things.  It’s fantastic to make things like this for my home that would be a lot pricier if I were to go out and purchase.

And that is how I shall do a #TealTuesday what have YOU done to achieve your personal goals?  Give me some ways your life is a little more teal this Tuesday!