Week 21 – Pre-Vacay Cray Cray

A lot went on this week but I’m through it and FINALLY ON VACATION.

General Health

I was down .2 and I’m amazed. I have been bad about logging and need to work on that shit.

I walked with my friend a few times this week and have not done a whole lot else.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 87(as of 5/22) /120 

Be Creative
Lots of struggle with knitting this week – I’m having a hard time with patterns! it’s only knit knit perl perl and I’m struggling. I think I get it for awhile and then I yarn over on accident and still have  a hard time fixing my mistakes.

I was gifted a circle loom and several more skeins of yarn by another friend. SO THANKFUL TO MY LADIES! This is a quick, easy way to make a loose-knit hat.

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I literally put $10 just to say I did something.

Frugal AF
I worked an event on Wednesday that left me with 5 entrees and several desserts and that became lunch and dinner for a few days! Thus stretching our groceries just a bit more.

I also cleaned someone’s home for some spending cash for my weekend.

Did I mention my friends are amazing and I haven’t had to pay for any craft supplies recently?

Mortgage: $788.65/$1,000

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I didn’t do much this week because it was the last week BEFORE VACATION.

Learning About Annuities
We did another one this week!

Blog Goals

A cool article
I don’t have much to say so here’s a cool article I’m reading about how millennials are working with what they have and doing what they need to do to live. Check it out here.

Weekly Updates

Five Frugal Things: Saturday Edition

A la The Non-Consumer Advocate:

  1. I have no plans….and that’s the best plan some weekends.  We went grocery shopping and are staying in the house while my boyfriend attempts making pho!  Our pot is not the suggested size but we are making do… wp-1489260198922.jpg
  2. I’m continuing to work on my first knitting project and I’m trying to get through the purple yarn so I can start the green!  It’s such a great activity to do and I can run Swagbucks and InboxDollars while I do it.  A great couch activity for a quiet, cold weekend.
  3. Enjoying the TV we have at the house instead of renting or going to the movies.  We do have cable and are locked in until December but we take full advantage of OnDemand and DVR.  I’ve got plenty of People’s Court and High Court to watch!
  4. I rinsed out the compost bucket with rain barrel water while that was emptying and watered our little babies – look at them grow!2017-03-11 11.02.32.jpg
  5. I’m not buying anything!  So enjoy this picture of Wallace:2017-03-11 12.45.49

#TealTuesday – #Wallydog and Old Decor

Today’s #TealTuesday is dedicated to happy memories.

As I was trying to take pictures of Wally being cute on the couch I realized that I’ve had this pillow for over a decade.

I remember when I got this pillow and it’s a little nostalgic.

When I was in college, my mom completely redid my bedroom – including a brand new bed set.  We went to a nice mattress store to get me the actual bed frame, mattress, and box spring but everything else came from Target.  I still remember walking through the aisles of Target with her trying to figure out the best colors to compliment my as-close-to-teal-as-they-would-allow-blue.  This pillow was the only fully-teal thing I got that day!

My mom passed away in 2009 so these are the kind of happy memories I cling to.  We did a lot of shopping and eating out while shopping together and I’m happy to still have pleasant reminders around my home.

I still have everything but the mattress and box spring – I think we got the dresser and bedside table back before Target’s quality starting to really go down since they have lasted through four moves and are still kicking!  We still use the quilt on my bed and the sheets are in my closet.

It was a fond memory of shopping with my mom that still fits my home decor and I am happy that Wally likes to hang out with it.

#TealTuesday #3 The Recovery Edition

So I am recovering from sinus surgery that I had last Thursday.


I’m in a pile of teal blankets on my couch with my dog who has a teal collar.  Most likely in my teal jammie pants.